mac neal

Youth Minister

I am a proud Minnesota girl who often prefers the cold over the heat. After my first Luke 18 retreat in seventh grade (where I was accidentally placed in a boys' sleephouse, and non-accidentally got a pitcher of water poured on me by my youth minister) I have wanted to be a youth minister. I later found out God had called me to this profession.
I graduated from the College of Saint Benedict where I enjoyed doing crazy things with wonderful people. I have a passion for good conversation with wonderful people and if coffee is involved, all the better. I seek adventure and exploring and travel, but my heart is most content when doing the simple things like sitting around a fire with friends, listening to good music, going for a long drive or reading a good book.


kris walters

Coordinator of Youth Ministry

I have been and continue to be resiliently in pursuit of moments when heaven breaks into the reality of my day. I got caught up in this pursuit in college, and eternally partnered in this pursuit with Laura in 1994. I also realize many of these moments in our five children every day. In 1996, I left a marketing, communications, and sales career behind to live this youth ministry gig in response to the passionate pursuit of two very close friends also in ministry. After four parishes in three different dioceses, we are home at HT.
It is more than where I work…it is our family. (Go Mizzou!)


meredith hiller

Music Minister/Asst. Youth Minister

Born and raised in St. Louis, I was radically shaken by Christ through FOCUS and the St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center at KU (ROCK CHALK!). It was there that I fell in love with God and encountered a community that taught me how to dive headfirst into the adventure He desires to bring to our lives.
I am a musician and singer, photographer, artist, coffee enthusiast, cat lover, theology nerd, and imperfect seeker of God's presence in each of our stories. I believe deeply in His willingness to speak into our hearts through music, and strive for the transparency to allow Him to reach us through the worship I offer in this role at Holy Trinity.