Being a holy trinity core team member

For a Life Teen Youth Ministry to reach the hearts of teens for Christ, it requires a team of people – in love with their faith and challenged by the voice of Jesus in their lives – willing to serve teens and reach out to them.  To answer the call of God to minister to the youth of our community as a Summer Core Team member involves a level of personal commitment beyond what we may have encountered before in our church.

A summer core member is an adult who is responding to their baptismal call to serve and doing that through our youth ministry. They are directly involved in teenager’s lives working in a ministry to, with, and by the young people they serve. They approach the ministry with a servant mentality and are committed and dedicated to the church, its teachings and the teenagers they serve.

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the essentials

Our commitment to some essentials builds a foundation of consistency and becomes the fuel that powers our ministry to teens.  In turn, God is with us at every turn – in our ministry and in our personal lives.

Summer ministry begins with a meeting on May 16 and runs through the summer (We can work around school release and return dates).

Weekly commitment

Part of making this commitment a priority is being on time and present at most events/meetings.  This includes:

  • Sunday Life Teen Mass/Night – arrive by 4:30 (unless planning) and meet in Social Room

  • Plan and/or implement summer Life Nights as part of the summer Core Team

  • Meet weekly (Tuesdays @ 9pm) with the youth ministers and team for planning and prayer

  • Personal Relationships – connecting with teens outside Sunday nights.

core values

We also ask that you lead a life that reflects an importance placed on the following:

Prayer – engaging in an active prayer life infuses our personal life and is critical in our ministry

Risk – in time, faith, personal comfort zones – “being willing to let God get His hands on my life”

Creativity and Flexibility – asking for it from the Life Teen Ministry and being open to it personally

Catholic/Christian Faith – as servants who are role models for our teens, it is essential that how we live, act struggle and grow reflects a commitment to the teachings of our church

Accountability – to staying personally on fire, committed to serving and holding others on our team accountable


Interested in serving on summer core?

“Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do.”

-  Pope John XXII  -