sunday nights

6 - 8 pm

quigley center

Every Sunday night after our 5pm Mass, we invite our high school students to walk across the street from the main church to the Fr. Quigley building, where they'll join anywhere from 80 to 100 people eating dinner and trying to figure out what happens when faith and life collide.

Throughout the year, we cover topics like dating, scripture, porn, prayer, saints, culture, death, health, suicide, drinking, drugs, heaven, hell, Mass, social justice, love, Mary, and much more.

Life nights couldn't happen without
the presence of our core team.

The Core team is a faith family of adults of all ages and walks of life. Their mission is to build intentional relationships with students so that when faith and life collide, the teens have a sounding board for figuring out what it all means. 


After every Lifenight, you’ll more than likely find a group of us nearby at BLACK DOG COFFEESHOP.