ryan - covecrest

Covecrest is a place where it was impossible to neglect God's goodness and creation. It is filled with people searching for God and themselves, the kind of oasis that you dream about coming back to.

- ryan, senior, st james academy -

nick - covecrest

Covecrest was the best thing that's happened to me.  The relationships built, with God and each other, were extraordinary.  The whole experience was unforgettable.

- nick, sophomore, mill valley high school -

alex - covecrest

Covecrest is home to everyone at Lifeteen.  It's been life changing for me and many others.  And it's a whole week to spend with our friends and God, nothing gets better than that!

- alex, sophomore, olathe northwest -

molly - covecrest

Covecrest has allowed me to meet new people and look at old friends a different way. Getting to spend a week without electronics makes for good conversation and allows you to see a new or old friend for who they are.

- molly, junior, st thomas aquinas -

forrest - covecrest

Covecrest adoration is different from the adoration I had experienced before, mainly because during adoration the priest would walk and hold the Body of our Lord right to our face. I remember how intimidated I was, but also how I could feel the presence of our Lord looking right into my eyes.  That was probably the best thing about this retreat.

- forrest, freshman, st james academy -

sophia - covecrest

Covecrest was a place where I finally felt genuinely happy.  I got to know others and even got to know myself a little better.  Above all, it greatly impacted my relationship with God, and since then I have been stronger in my faith than ever.

- sophia, freshman, notre dame de sion -

kemper - covecrest

Covecrest changed my life. I went from not knowing God that much to being able to call Him a friend in the span of one week. It has changed my relationships with my brothers because we go on it together usually, and after we are way tighter and closer. There is something very special about that place and everyone should have an opportunity to experience such a heavenly place.

- kemper, senior, st james academy -

lexi - covecrest

I was nervous to go on Covecrest at first because I really didn’t know if it was going to be the place for me. The moment I got to Covecrest, I felt a sense of love and happiness. I felt at home. The people on the trip really changed the way I looked at everything and brought me so much joy! I felt amazing! When I got home I didn’t even know how to describe how amazing it was to my family. Ever since that trip I truly feel like I changed as a person and grew in relationship with not only God but with my family and friends too.

- lexi, junior, st james academy -